Monday, October 29, 2007

New product alert

Some new products that have come across my desk:
  • Unsecured lines of credit: The good news is that these are immediate funding with low documentation. The bad news, as one might imagine with an unsecured, low-doc loan, is that these loans aren't cheap. However, if you need the money now, and have an increase in revenue that's going to result, it's a great deal for you.
  • "Angel funding": The downside -- a minimum loan of $25 million. The upside: repayment terms that are so easy I'm not allowed by the lender to put it on my website. Call me to hear the ins and out.
  • Energy funding: One of my lenders is hungry for energy funding. Energy projects that have a definite buyer for the produced energy are getting loans approved fast.
  • Aggressive SBA loans: Another one of my lenders is hungry for SBA loans that fall outside what banks usually write. If your scenario has a higher loan-to-value than your bank is comfortable with, or you have less reserves than your lender likes, call me and we'll see if we can your deal done.

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